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  • AED2,500.00

    In this course, you will learn about managing employee performance management fundamentals and discuss ways to be more strategic in implementing better performance management in your organization. You will learn the difference between results and behavior and how to describe and identify performance objectives and standards. You will also learn to identify employee skills and how you can use this to develop performance standards.

  • AED3,000.00

    Selecting right talent is one of the most important decisions for recruitment. Effective interviewing is a powerful skill that gives you the ability to make right hiring decisions and avoid costly mistakes. This workshop teaches competency based behavioural interviewing and techniques that you will benefit and will be able to use in your next interview. You will have better interviewing skills which lead to better hires and a competitive edge for your company.

  • AED2,500.00

    Employee Relations training is professional coursework offering a variety of insights and solutions to issues affecting the human factor in the workplace. Employee relations training empowers business to proactively identify potential conflicts and resolve them before they become complex problems and provide guidance and navigation through laws and regulations governing the handling of disciplinary, diversity, labor, performance and conduct issues.

  • AED2,000.00

    Organisations spend a significant proportion of their operating costs on pay, incentives and benefits. However, many of them do not have a reward strategy in place potentially wasting much of this important investment. Through several case studies, you will explore the different processes needed to develop a robust reward strategy.

  • AED2,500.00

    Human Resource Management plays a strategic role in driving performance through it’s talent, cultivating the workplace culture and achieving the organisation’s corporate objectives.  This course provides participants with the key skills, knowledge and attributes essential for effective Human Resource Management.