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  • AED1,500.00

    This course will look at causes of time and stress management difficulties and identifying practical solutions. Participants will get tips in becoming more efficient and effective in managing their time. They will explore various time management and stress management skills to have positive impact in their personal and work life.

  • AED1,500.00

    Conflict is the difference between what you have got and what you want. Whenever you think this difference comes about because of someone’s actions or behaviour, you have a conflict. Having to endure conflict without sufficient tools and resources can lead employees to experience discomfort, and this distress can get out of control.

  • AED2,200.00

    A report is essentially a communication tool. The aim is to communicate effectively to the reader(s). This means that it is important to produce reports that are easy to read and fit for their purpose. A clear well-structured report helps the reader to move towards taking a desired course of action.

  • AED1,500.00

    Communication is a complex activity involving words, body language and tonality, and the way we interpret a message is based on these three elements. Success in business is greatly impacted for better or worse by the way in which we communicate. Becoming an effective communicator takes practice and consistent attention and effort.

  • AED1,750.00

    The most important element of any presentation is YOU. In order for your presentation to be successful, you need to be able to sell your ideas with passion and persuasion. Having a novel idea is not enough if your audience cannot remember you, or your presentation. Creating and delivering powerful presentations can increase your professional effectiveness.

  • AED999.00

    This course is designed for participants to know the essentials of professional business writing, how to write clearly, use words correctly and how to construct sentences and paragraphs. This course also focuses on taking steps towards continual learning and development to improve writing skills for the modern work environment.

  • AED1,500.00

    Our emotions play an important role in the way we react on daily basis.  Having a higher level of Emotional Intelligence means having the ability to recognize your behaviour, moods and managing them in a positive way. This course will help you to learn skills on understanding and managing your emotions, through self-awareness and the ability to be more resourceful.