Customer Service Management


This workshop is designed to help you appreciate why external and internal customers are both kings and queens and how without them – both – the organization will not endure. It will also enable participants to revitalize their approach to customer service and put the customer at the heart of their organization.



Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Importance of internal and external customer
• Adopt a consistent, professional style when speaking with customers
• Communicate effectively and genuinely with customers
• Develop skills in engaging with customers and managing their queries efficiently
• Identify ways to add value to customer relationships and exceed expectations
• Turning customer service disappointment into a positive experience
• Apply strategies to better deal with challenging customers

Course Content

• Developing a Customer Service philosophy
• Where does customer service start?
• The difference between Internal and External Customers
• Best practices for Internal Customer Service
• A Customer Service mind-set
• ‘Moments of Truth’ – Customer Service touch points
• The impact of first impressions
• What is your current Customer Service level?
• The different levels of Customer Service

• Improving Customer Service Standards
• Achieving the ‘WOW’ factor of Customer Service
• How does your communication impact on customers?
• The art of listening to your customers
• Asking the questions your customers want to hear
• Effectively communicating with customers
• Body Language Basics
• Strategies for dealing with challenging behaviour from customers
• Handling customer complaints proactively and effectively