Problem Solving & Decision Making


Instead of just relying on traditional ideas or past practices to resolve a problem, the creative approach encourages people to participate in an engaging setting, which inspires new ideas and approaches. This starts with unlocking the individual’s problem solving potential with innovative, analytical and critical thinking skills.



Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Recognize the principles of creativity and innovation.
• Explore what limits your creative potential, organizationally and personally
• Learn how to find the root cause of a problem before investing in expensive solutions
• Explore ways to exercise sound judgment when evaluating and resolving problems
• Apply innovative problem solving techniques to real life work challenges.
• Learn where to focus your analytical thinking efforts for identifying effective solutions
• Identify the obstacles to change including resistance and negative reactions to change, empower employees, and ease the tension caused by a change
• Identify strategies to encourage an innovative culture with your team members

Course Content

Creativity And Innovation
• Measure your Creativity. Assessment – how creative are you?
• Left and right brain functions
• Approaching problems based on the past and how does this effect creativity and innovation
• Convergent and Divergent thinking
• Avoiding patterned thinking and negative thinking
• Separating idea generation from evaluation and what does it mean in practice
• Encouraging innovation in the workplace and building on other team member’s ideas

The Steps Of Effective Problem Solving Systems
• Identifying a problem
• The steps of effective problem solving system
• Defining the problem
• Generating alternatives
• Evaluating and selecting alternatives
• Implementing solutions

Analyzing Problems
• Understanding Complexity
• Cause-and-Effect Diagram
• Discover the root cause of a problem
• Uncover bottlenecks in your processes
• Identify where and why a process isn’t working

The Vital Role Of Communication In The Process
• Questions techniques to use to order to stimulate communication at each step
• Positive Communication in explaining problems
• How to confront problems to prevent future stress

Creative Thinking Techniques
• Brainstorming
• Mind mapping
• Word association
• Business process re-engineering: 20 questions