DIFC Employment Law


The DIFC is currently the most advanced free zone in terms of the development of its own laws. It has its own contract laws, company formation and insolvency laws, legal rules of interpretation, real estate regulations and its own arbitration centre and court system, including a Court of Appeal. Unlike the UAE, which is a civil law jurisdiction, its laws are entirely based on common law principles. The uniqueness of the DIFC extends to its governance of labour relations.



Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Have an overview of DIFC Employment Law
• Understand employment relationships and employment contracts
• Handle grievances and disciplinary procedures
• Understand current trends and developments

Course Content

Introduction to DIFC Employment Law
• Overview of DIFC
• Employment Law & Main Provisions
• Other Relevant Legislation

The Employment Relationship and Employment Contracts
• Terms and Conditions of Employment Contracts
• Probationary Periods
• Types of Employment Contract
• Recruitment

Pay and Working Time
• Remuneration and Benefits
• Working Time
• Holidays and Special Leave
• Family Friendly Leave
• Holiday and Sickness Pay
• End of Service Payments

Grievances and Disciplinary Procedures
• Managing Discipline, Grievances and Ddismissal
• Termination of Employment (and Article 18 in the DIFC)
• Enforcement and Dispute Rresolution

Post Termination Issues
• Confidentiality
• Post Termination Restrictions

Health and Safety
Potential Reform
Current Trends and Developments
Q & A