Employee Relations


Employee Relations training is professional coursework offering a variety of insights and solutions to issues affecting the human factor in the workplace. Employee relations training empowers business to proactively identify potential conflicts and resolve them before they become complex problems and provide guidance and navigation through laws and regulations governing the handling of disciplinary, diversity, labor, performance and conduct issues.



Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Know the importance of fair and consistent employee relations policies
• Explain connection between the organization and its overall HR strategy for developing and implementing employee and workplace policies
• Interpret and apply employment laws based on workplace incidents
• Deal with performance problems and modify the behaviour of employees
• Influence and guide the behaviour of managers and team leaders
• Understand disciplinary procedures and grievance procedure
• Address how to get the best from people
• Know how to manage change
• Know how to manage absence
• Understand the role of an Employee Assistance program

Course Content

• The core role of Employee Relations
• The ER Function in practice
• Supporting the manager, supervisor or team leader
• Managing performance, coaching and providing employee assistance
• Getting the best from people
• Strengthen trust between employees and HR
• Dealing with grievance
• Healthy work environment
• Keeping up with change