Interviewing Skills


Selecting right talent is one of the most important decisions for recruitment. Effective interviewing is a powerful skill that gives you the ability to make right hiring decisions and avoid costly mistakes. This workshop teaches competency based behavioural interviewing and techniques that you will benefit and will be able to use in your next interview. You will have better interviewing skills which lead to better hires and a competitive edge for your company.



Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Review the key elements of interviewing and selection process
• Learn to prepare for an effective interview
• Effective structure to conduct an interview
• Apply effective questions and choosing competency based questioning techniques
• Utilize techniques to evaluate candidates
• Learn how to manage expectations of candidate when closing interviews
• Evaluate candidates for selection

Course Content

The Recruitment Process
• Recruitment and Selection – what is the difference?
• The Benefits of Recruitment
• The steps in conducting successful recruitment
• Return on Investment

Preparation for Candidate Selection
• Analyzing the vacant position
• Preparing the Job Description
• Defining the Core Competencies
• Screening candidates
• Pre-and Post-Interview preparation

Planning Interview Process
• Types of interview
• Structuring the interview
• Building rapport with candidates
• Competency based interviewing questions
• Different types of interview assessments

Selecting the Right Candidate
• Candidate evaluation tools
• Measuring competencies
• Reference checking
• Preparing employee contracts
• On-boarding