Negotiation Skills


Negotiation can help you to achieve aims and solve problems. It is about reaching win:win solutions, where all parties feel the outcome is fair. This course will help you understand the process of negotiation. It will help you to prepare, define clear outcomes, how and when to use different negotiating styles, strategies and tactics. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to apply your new skills practically.


Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Prepare for every negotiation using a structured approach
• Understand the gap between you and the other party
• Recognize a good and bad negotiation
• Build self-confidence for successful negotiations
• Apply tools to solve problems and conduct effective negotiation

Course Content

Introduction to Negotiation
• The definition of negotiation
• The different types of negotiations
• Alternatives to negotiation
• The qualities of successful and unsuccessful negotiators

Getting Prepared For Negotiations
• Establishing your BATNA and WATNA
• Identifying your WAP
• Identifying your ZOPA
• Personal preparation
• The three most common tactics used in negotiations

Preparing To Negotiate
• The importance of rapport building and establishing common ground
• Creating a negotiation framework
• The negotiation process

The Stages Of Negotiation
• Getting off on the right foot
• What to share and what to keep to your self
• Identifying expectations
• How to break an impasse
• Three ways to review your options
• Creating mutual gain solutions

Successful Closing And Agreement
• Reaching a mutual consensus
• Creating an agreement
• Establishing the terms of agreement

Dealing With Difficult Issues
• Being prepared for environmental tactics
• Handling personal criticisms objectively
• Knowing when it is time to walk away
• Dealing with tough questions