Presentation Skills and Public Speaking


The most important element of any presentation is YOU. In order for your presentation to be successful, you need to be able to sell your ideas with passion and persuasion. Having a novel idea is not enough if your audience cannot remember you, or your presentation. Creating and delivering powerful presentations can increase your professional effectiveness.


Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Analyse your audience and tailor your delivery accordingly.
• Create and deliver presentations that are memorable and generate maximum impact.
• Review planning and design techniques to ensure your presentation content is clearly structured.
• Identify visual aids and resources that support your message and drive effectiveness.
• Apply body language and movement with intention and purpose when delivering presentations and public speaking engagements.
• Acquire new techniques to immediately capture your audience and maintain their attention.
• Implement the newly acquired skills immediately through practical application.

Course Content

The Fundamentals of a Powerful Presenter
• Confronting your biggest fears in public speaking and presenting
• The key ingredients that make a powerful presentation
• Common presentation pitfalls
• The 5 Habits of highly effective presenters

Audience Analysis
• Performing a needs analysis before presenting
• Audience profiling – what you need to consider?
• Identifying key questions and concerns

Designed for Results
• The power of persuasion – applying the AIDA model
• Defining your purpose – what would like to achieve?
• Developing presentation content
• Selecting and adapting appropriate resources, which support your presentation
• Designing content on slides – using visuals more than words
• Applying the 10-20-30 rule to a business presentation

Mastering the Skills
• Powerful openings – ‘hooking’ your audience from the start
• The art of storytelling
• Encouraging audience participation
• Engage the audience with questions
• Impactful endings of a presentation

Bringing it all Together
• Throughout this two-day program, participants are required to deliver several presentations. Feedback is given immediately after each presentation, identifying areas of strength and areas of development. The feedback is also presented to each participant in document format, allowing participants to focus on their areas of development upon returning to the workplace.

• Each presentation is video recorded on camera. Copies of the recorded presentations are given to each participant so they can self-reflect on their performance and identify action plans for ongoing and continuous improvement.