Qatar VAT Implementation


This seminar aims to inform the audience of their obligations with respect to the Qatar VAT Laws and will touch upon the general impact of the introduction and the basic principles of VAT. This seminar will outline the rules and regulations of VAT and clearly demonstrate procedures and controls that should be in place to ensure VAT returns are submitted accurately and on time, giving you a complete understanding of VAT and covering all essential topics.



Learning Outcome

At the end of this seminar the audience will be able to develop the necessary expertise and understanding of filing the VAT return, which will in turn mitigate the risk of exposure to the VAT liabilities and penalties.

Cource Content

• Importance of Unified VAT Agreement
• Significance of VAT
• VAT Implementation Impact on GCC

VAT Registration
• Registration & Group Registration
• Registration Threshold
• How Businesses Should Register
• Benefits of Being Registered
• Consequences of Non-Registration
• De-Registration

VAT Principles And Scope
• What is VAT
• Who is Subject to VAT
• Taxable Transactions
• Place of Supply
• Place of Supply of Goods
• Place of Supply of Services
• Place of Impact
• Date of Supply
• Tax Due Date on Goods & Services
• Tax Due Date on Imports
• Calculation of VAT
• Value of Supply of Goods & Services

• Sectors
• Special Cases
• Foodstuffs, Medicines and Medical Equipment
• Intra-GCC & International Transportation
• Supply of Means of Transport
• Supplies to Outside GCC Territory
• Supply of Investment on Gold, Silver & Platinum
• Financial Services
• Used Goods

VAT Liability
• Who Pays VAT to the Government?
• Tax Deduction

• Tax Invoice
• Tax Returns
• VAT Refunds
• Exchange of Information Among Member States
• Electronic Service Systems

Transitional Provisions

Q & A Session
• An opportunity for attendees to raise any queries relating to VAT Implementation in the Qatar.