Report Writing


A report is essentially a communication tool. The aim is to communicate effectively to the reader(s). This means that it is important to produce reports that are easy to read and fit for their purpose. A clear well-structured report helps the reader to move towards taking a desired course of action.


Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Determine the objectives of a report
• Research and collate relevant information for the report content
• Learn the importance of editing and proof reading
• Analyse your target audience and their needs
• Produce and prepare outlines for a structured and effective report
• Understand the importance of re-capping the message
• Create faster and more confident reports
• Create impact and convey your message clearly

Course Content

Introduction to Report Writing
• What is a Report?
• Types of Business Reports
• Why are some reports ineffective?
• Defining the purpose of Business Reports

Steps to Create Professional Business Report
• Basic principles
• The structure of business reports
• Planning and preparing
• Target audience analysis
• Generating ideas
• Sources of information
• Report outline

Writing a Business Report
• Getting started
• Using the right language – style, clarity, simplicity
• Proofreading and editing
• References, glossary and appendices