Selling Skills


This workshop aims to transform the way you approach selling and focuses on relationship building, making you invaluable to your customers. You will learn techniques and skills you can use to grow your business and exceed your business targets. It will also help sales professionals change their perspective on what is really important in the sales engagement, change how they see themselves and their own potential, and how they view each customer interaction.


Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Discover the psychology of selling and why your sales process matters
• Develop the acquired skills and key elements of a successful Sales Person
• Identify your unique selling points and compelling reasons for selling
• Recognise the art of understanding your customers’ needs
• Understand the difference between features, advantages and benefits and why selling benefits makes the difference
• Implement practical and persuasive selling techniques that produce results
• Explore ways to turn objections into opportunities
• Identify motivational techniques to inspire your sales journey

Course Content

The Fundamentals of Selling
• The psychology of selling
• The right selling attitude
• Discovering the fuel to drive your passion
• The key competencies of a dynamic sales person
• Cultural awareness – Know your clients
• Defining cold calling and prospecting
• The difference between prospecting on the telephone versus face-to-face prospecting

Powerful Sales Models
• Applying the AIDA process
• Defining your Unique Selling Points (USP)
• Your compelling reasons for selling
• Features, benefits and advantages (FAB) – Selling Advantages
• The power of asking the right questions using the SPIN Technique

The Fearless Sales Person
• Developing your sales pitch
• Building rapport with clients
• The difference between implied needs and explicit needs
• Identifying your clients explicit needs

Turning Objections into Opportunities
• Identifying the most common objectives
• Overcoming common objections
• Reading buying signals
• Closing the sale