Time & Stress Management


This course will look at causes of time and stress management difficulties and identifying practical solutions. Participants will get tips in becoming more efficient and effective in managing their time. They will explore various time management and stress management skills to have positive impact in their personal and work life.


Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Identify time management challenges
• Have a clear picture of priorities both in the workplace and personal life
• Managing interruptions with an assertive approach
• Understand stress and the implications of not managing stress effectively
• Analyse stress symptoms and their causes to reduce negative impact
• Implement stress management techniques to lead mentally healthier life
• Know how to resolve conflict at workplace

Course Content

Importance of Planning for effective time management
• Understanding the importance of planning and setting goals
• Learn how to set short, medium and long term goals

Implementing time management
• Effective diary management system
• Setting schedules and plans
• Staying focused and organizing your workplace
• Taking ownership and accountability of task
• Reviewing “To do list” at the end of the day
• Leaning how to say ‘no’ without offending

Time management matrix
• Learning to deal with important vs urgent tasks
• Urgent vs important matrix
• Applying time management

Managing interruptions
• Identifying time stealers and interruptions
• Dealing with interruptions
• Being assertive and managing interruptions with a positive attitude

Recognizing stress
• Identifying causes of stress
• Signs and symptoms of stress
• Managing stress
• Applying stress management at work place and personal life

Strategies, Plans and Techniques
• SMART objectives
• The importance of achieving control