UAE Immigration Framework


This is a comprehensive course to learn about Immigration laws in UAE. You will be exposed to a wide range of provisions and be able to understand and interpret different section and clauses of UAE immigration law.



Learning Outcome

You will gain an understanding of the UAE’s sponsorship system and the requirements for sponsoring visitor and employment visas and the associated compliance risks. You will gain knowledge on the various stages of the immigration process, including the available options for short and long-term employment, full immigration process for employing foreign nationals in the UAE, and go beyond this to understand the residency and employment options for their dependents through to the required processes when cancelling employment.

Course Content

Overview of the UAE Immigration Framework
• Sponsorship system and categories of sponsors
• Criteria for an employer to sponsor visitor and employment visas
• Employment quota, visitor visa quota and Emiratisation
• Differences in regulatory framework between free zones and mainland

Management of visitors in the UAE
• Visit visa categories for businessmen
• Visit visa categories for non-businessmen
• Eligibility requirements and visitor visa quota
• Processing details

Employment of foreign nationals in the UAE
• Short-term employment options
• Long-term employment options
• Employment eligibility requirements
• Job offer and employment contract procedures
• Impact of payroll, bank guarantee and Wages Protection System on the immigration process
• Employment visa process in free zones
• Employment visa process outside of free zones (mainland)
• Employment permits for GCC nationals
• Employment cancellation processes

Residency of dependents in the UAE
• Residency eligibility requirements, differences between Emirates
• Females sponsoring dependents
• Dependent’s visa process
• Dependent’s visa hold process
• Employment options for dependents

Management of complex immigration cases
• Categories of complex cases
• Applicability and management of immigration and labour bans
• Security screening

Penalties, compliance risks and best practices
• Cross-jurisdictional employment in the UAE
• Compliance aspects of travelling across the GCC
• Penalties for non-compliance
• Best practices in managing immigration processes

Case study and eligibility assessment (review will be done in a form of an open discussion).