UAE Labour Law


This workshop addresses the complex nature of employment relationship from a legal perspective and expose the participants to the legal regime governing recruitment, managing and termination of employment relationship in the UAE. It will also examine the impact of Covid-19 on immigration and recruitment matters, new measures announced by the UAE Government with regard to managing headcount cost and to support employers though this period.



Learning Outcome

By the end of the session, participants will be able to:
• Understand fundamental principles of UAE Labour Law and the regulatory and enforcement trends at the Ministry of Labour
• Understand different type of contracts
• Manage the legal requirements organizations must fulfil, salaries, end of service gratuity and other benefits
• Understand employment disputes and the dispute resolution process from the Ministry of Labour through the local courts
• Adhere to the labour law when recruiting
• Review your HR Policies and Procedures and learn to benchmark them with the best practice

Course Content

In the light of the current circumstances due to COVID-19, the Rulers and Government of Dubai and UAE have taken a number of steps for the benefit of its citizens and residents. As part of the session we will also examine:

• New measures announced by the UAE Government
• Impact of Covid-19 on Immigration and Recruitment matters
• Managing headcount cost
• Support employers though this period

Introduction to Employment Law
• Corporate Establishment Models
• Legal System and Employment Legislation
• Free Zone Rules and Regulations

Recruitment of Non Nationals
• Work Permit and Residency Visa Application Process
• Business Visas and Other Visas

The Employment Relationship and Employment Contracts
• Terms and Conditions of Employment Contracts
• Types of Employment Contract
• Mandatory Prescribed Contracts
• Termination of Limited and Unlimited Term Contracts
• Labour Bans

Grievances & Disciplinary Procedures
• Managing Discipline, Grievances and Dismissal
• Termination of Employment
• Arbitrary Dismissal

Minimum Entitlements
• Probation
• Remuneration and Benefits
• Wage Protection System
• Accommodation
• Working Time
• Overtime
• Holidays and Special Leave
• Family Friendly Leave
• Sick Leave
• End of Service Payments

Post Termination Issues
• Confidentiality
• Post Termination Restrictions

Health and Safety
Religious and Cultural Awareness
Current Trends and Developments