Workplace Health & Safety


Workplace health and safety is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue for UAE employers. However, in the absence of a dedicated health and safety law, it can be challenging for UAE employers to understand their health and safety obligations which often involves reviewing a large number of laws, resolutions, rules and guidelines to fully understand the position in relation to a particular aspect of health and safety.



Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
• Identify responsibilities with regards to health and safety at workplace.
• Have an overview of health and safety obligations in UAE.
• Report workplace accidents
• Have an overview of criminal court process

Course Content

Overview of Health and Safety Obligations in the UAE
• Overview of where health and safety obligations derive from in the UAE
• Exploring key health and safety obligations under:
UAE Labour Law
DIFC Employment Law / ADGM Employment Regulations
• Ministerial Resolutions

Emirate specific regulations
• Potential liability for Workplace Injuries and Fatalities in the UAE
• Overview of the potential liabilities that may arise following a workplace injury or fatality
• Contractual liabilities
• Potential liability under the UAE Labour Law
• What is a workplace accident?
• Reporting obligations
• Financial implications
• Exemptions
• Criminal Liability
• Key provisions of UAE Penal Code
• Who is at risk?
• “Good Samaritan” principle
• Civil Liability
• Administrative sanctions

Criminal Investigation Process
• What to expect during the preliminary investigation – police and other authorities
• What to expect during the secondary investigation – public prosecutor
• Best practice tips throughout investigation process
• Overview of the criminal court process and what to expect

Case Study – Criminal Investigation Process
• What to expect in the aftermath of a workplace injury or fatality
• A “mock” criminal investigation process following a workplace injury or fatality, including public prosecutor interview, to illustrate best practice in this regard.

Q & A Session
• An opportunity for attendees to raise any queries relating to workplace health and safety issues.