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  • AED2,500.00

    Employee Relations training is professional coursework offering a variety of insights and solutions to issues affecting the human factor in the workplace. Employee relations training empowers business to proactively identify potential conflicts and resolve them before they become complex problems and provide guidance and navigation through laws and regulations governing the handling of disciplinary, diversity, labor, performance and conduct issues.

  • AED2,200.00

    Instead of just relying on traditional ideas or past practices to resolve a problem, the creative approach encourages people to participate in an engaging setting, which inspires new ideas and approaches. This starts with unlocking the individual’s problem solving potential with innovative, analytical and critical thinking skills.

  • AED1,500.00

    The telephone plays a major part in daily operations for most businesses, and is one of the most common ways customers interface with employees and the organization. An organization reputation for service depends on how professional the operator of the telephone handles incoming and outgoing calls. The operator of the telephone has the ability to encourage repeat business, offer exceptional customer service and build customer relationships.

  • AED1,500.00

    Workplace health and safety is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue for UAE employers. However, in the absence of a dedicated health and safety law, it can be challenging for UAE employers to understand their health and safety obligations which often involves reviewing a large number of laws, resolutions, rules and guidelines to fully understand the position in relation to a particular aspect of health and safety.

  • AED1,800.00

    This workshop will help you understand how Oman labour law affects your company and employees, it will address issues that often arise in the labour and employment context.

  • AED1,500.00

    This is a comprehensive course to learn about Immigration laws in UAE. You will be exposed to a wide range of provisions and be able to understand and interpret different section and clauses of UAE immigration law.

  • AED1,500.00

    This workshop addresses the current trends in Qatar labour and immigration laws beneficial to anyone working in Qatar industry sectors, explains how the labour and immigration law affects your company and employees and also addresses issues that often arise in the labour and employment context or for anyone who needs a better understanding of Qatar labour laws.

  • AED800.00

    This seminar aims to inform the audience of their obligations with respect to the Qatar VAT Laws and will touch upon the general impact of the introduction and the basic principles of VAT. This seminar will outline the rules and regulations of VAT and clearly demonstrate procedures and controls that should be in place to ensure VAT returns are submitted accurately and on time, giving you a complete understanding of VAT and covering all essential topics.

  • AED1,500.00

    The DIFC is currently the most advanced free zone in terms of the development of its own laws. It has its own contract laws, company formation and insolvency laws, legal rules of interpretation, real estate regulations and its own arbitration centre and court system, including a Court of Appeal. Unlike the UAE, which is a civil law jurisdiction, its laws are entirely based on common law principles. The uniqueness of the DIFC extends to its governance of labour relations.