As it is my first time attending this kind of training, there is really no point of comparison. The training exceeded my expectation but it is very informative. I can definitely use the things that I’ve learned at work.

Fel Amiel Rodriguez
Office Manager
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would recommend this to prospective HR/Admin personnel. A course I will be recommending for further staff attendance from our company. Thank you.
Derek MrRobbie
Senior Administration Manager
Trainer has Fantastic, comes with a wealth of experience, makes everyone feel relaxed and encourages questions and feedback
Catherine Youden
Operations Executive
Very satisfied with the Trainer and the way the training was conducted. Learnt a great deal. The overall training was met upto my expectations.
Robina Yousuf Khan
Senior Reseacher

Trainer was excellent in his knowledge, experience, interaction & personality. Venue was also very appropriate.

Humeira Al Aldarous
Project Logistics Manager – ME
It was a great learning and it really opens my mind to think different aspect of work life balance. Thank you very much.
Shantanu Gupta
Deputy Divisional Manager
The training was interactive and the pace was good. The encouragement for asking questions was excellent. The trainer’s passion for training was very evident.
Faheema Ebrahim Laher
Psychologist / Commercial, Workplace, Family Mediator
The training was well delivered. The trainer is excellent in presentation and very patient in explaining the subject clearly.
Balram Srinivasan
Human Resources Manager – Northern and Central Gulf

It was a great course. I would definitely come back to take other HR training.

Hadeel Mansour
HR Operations Manager
Everything was great and perfect. Especially the trainer, her technique skills was impressive. I will really look forward to another training course.
Rajni Bala
HR Manager
The approach makes everyone interactive. Legal jargons are made simple
Dorothy Descalzota
Human Resource Manager
I learnt about myself and my collegues that I can put forward into my professional life.
Mark Staunton
Office Manager

The trainer is amazing and he showed a great level of training.

Fouzi Al Dalati
Assistant Store Manager
Very useful, I liked that we moved quickly each slide and there is still enough time for questions and discussions.
Jennifer Thompson
Excellent training, organized particularly on the styles of leadership. Good introspection.
Thirumalai Kumar
Senior Divisional Manager, Water & WasteWater Vertical
Loved the course, learned much more than I expected. The trainer is very engaging, and very knowledgeable. Enjoy her style of training.
Nayyar Walters
HR Business Partner

Overall well organized. Trainer was knowledgeable and could answer queries properly.

Shruti Varshney
Assistant Manager – HR
Speaker is very knowledgeable and I learned a lof of techniques to further enhance my training presentations.
Monwin Banquerigo
Logistics & Admin, HR, QHSE Coordinator, Operations
The training opened me up to seeing gaps within the company, and how we can improve our expectation of employees and train and follow up the learning received.
Neil Tolson
General Manager
Training was very informative and will definitely assist me in our HR. The trainer was approachable and possesses the knowledge that she imparted to us. She was a great help and I can say that this training was worth it.
Lee Ann Mission
Financial & Administration Manager

The trainer is very smart and able to explain all the topics clearly. I learned a lot in this 3 day course. I will recommend this to future participants.

Jhun Bautista
Human Resource Executive
Instructor was amazing. She did a great job and the workshop was very helpful.
Mariam Fayez Al Shami
HR Officer
It was excellent. This is my second time attedning this training but it is still exciting and happy that I’ve done this.
Mylen San Juan
HR Executive
The trainer is an excellent presenter. She is very knowledgeable and engaging. I appreaciated the interactive aspect of the training.
Carolynn Denise Henderson
Senior Human Resource Manager

I take with me a lot of new HR Leadership and different ways of leadership at situations. The trainer is so full of knowledge.

Jamila Shabir
HR Manager
The trainer is so lovely, kind, and very knowledgeable person. I would like to attend other courses with then.
Maryam Al Shakar
HR Officer
Overall the training was beyond expectations and met all my objectives. Hats off to the ever enthusiastic trainer.
Priya Shivakumar
Head – Academics and Training
The trainer did an excellent job. I have taken/grabbed a lot from the training. Thank you.
Olivia Niaghanga
Operations Executive

Really enjoyed training with the trainer, she kept us very engaged.

Nayyar Walters
HR Business Partner
It was a great experience and had fun with helps learn. Very informative and personalized.
Shaun Watson
Executive Chef
I think the training was well developed and tackled all topics needed to improve as a trainer.. I am grateful to have been part of this module/training.
Noel Allan Hernandez
Assistant Fleet Manager
All the things on factor are covered in this training . 3 days are filled up with full knowledge and information and this will be very very helpful.
Melody Pascual Rodelas
HR Officer

The training met with expectation. Excellent! Learning new aspects that can be helpful too.

Anandita Singh
Human Resource Manager – Regional
The trainer is very good, she delivers training in a calm manner, her speech is perfect.
Judygirl Sudarto
HR Officer
The training has been very informative, interacting and knowledgeable at the end. Full points to the trainer, who made the session very interactive.
Nasma Azeez
HR Administrator
Very satisfied as we got all answers to the questions asked to the trainer. Thank you for the professional coordination.
Carmen Rendi
Manager Performance and Standards – Airport Services